Grateful 🥰


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Rachel White



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Perfect Angel, Walked, Played, Petting, Let in/out, Peed

Grateful 🥰

It was great seeing Maxwell on Thanksgiving! I was surprised he didn’t bark when I walked into the house. He did not jump once on me even though he was so excited !
I was so impressed 🥳 once I got his e collar on we made our way outside. He was great on the stairs with saying easy and going slow with him right next to me. I was thankful for no lunging 😂We walked up / down driveway and he had lots of sniff time in front yard . We played fetch for awhile and as usual he was entertaining and great at the game !
We wrapped up our time with another walk down the driveway before we made our way in. He sat right by the chair and enjoyed his loving time. As usual a joy to see him & grateful for our time !

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