Too Cute Tuesday! 🐢😻


6:31 pm



Fairy Dogmother



At A Glance:

Perfect Angel, Walked, Played, Petting, Fed, Watered, Peed, Pooped, Litterbox, Mail

Too Cute Tuesday! 🐢😻

Right from the get go this morning the kids were absolutely adorable! The kitties go wild for some time on the screen porch and also for their treats but they really really love the porch! Ginger and I love our morning strolls. She gets to catch up on the local news and pee-mails while I laugh at the chipmunks and squirrels playing in the early morning sunshine. This evening Ginger took me on a new route and showed me all her favorite spots. On the way back, we had to make sure to stop to get some cookies from the neighbor, before heading inside where we had lots of fun playing with Monica, Kailua and Laguna. I think everyone is very excited to see their humans tomorrow night so lots of rest they will get tonight for sure! 🐢❀️🐾😻

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