❤️The Bestest Week Ever!❤️

Wowie wow and can’t believe tomorrow is our last day with these wonderful pups! Sadie, Charlie & Elsa were so fun this week. So many snuggles and silliness was had! The Chickens were entertaining with a side of scared out

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Happy Opening Day

While Elsa shares our excitement for baseball, the rest of the crew were more focused on breakfast! The dogs ate heartily, Rio got oatmeal and apple, and there was plenty of spinach to go around for everyone. ☺️ It’s no

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A Snowy Start

Everybody was thrilled to see us this morning, except Elsa. She cowered in the corner not knowing what to expect. We hadn’t practiced this! 🙂 But she didn’t put up too much of a fight and warmed up to us

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