Happy Pups !


7:25 pm



Rachel White



At A Glance:

Perfect Angel, Petting, Fed, Peed, Pooped

Happy Pups !

Wow ! This dynamic duo definitely know how to make me feel special !
Both were practically hopping around when I opened the door.
As I covered the remainder of Boo’s meal to put in fridge, he had a look like he wanted more to eat but it was a false alarm.
We went back outside and Sophie had a healthy poop . Boo enjoyed sniffing his favorite spot by the pond. They both got their equal amount of snuggles & pets 🥰
Sophie’s sock remained in place and she snuggled up on the bed before I left. After I wiped off Boos face wrinkles he followed me to the door then made his way to his bed.

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